Saturday, June 18, 2011

New In Town (Again)

So . . . I just moved back to the St. Petersburg area last year after a decade-long absence.  Frankly, when I lived here before, I didn't have much of a life.  (In the grand tradition of all college students, I consistently proclaimed my schedule "sooo busy" and "crazy" and "stressful."  Oy, I think. To have that much free time now.)  All this to say.  I'm ready to get some.  Life, that is.

The best discoveries are serendipitous.  Well, all discoveries are technically serendipitous.   Point is, keep your eyes open.

I was walking on Central Ave with Bro and Sisil and debating whether to go into Crowley's or not (We did; the owner is the nicest guy.  And the food will bring me back), when I spotted an a-frame sign on the sidewalk for Little Brooklyn Vintage.  A chalked-in bluebird held a disembodied hand pointing to a plain wooden door, sandwiched between two bar-and-grills.  Feeling rather intrepid, I opened the door and walked up some very old, very creaky wooden stairs to a gallery of closed doors.  Yet another sign proclaimed Little Brooklyn a "Lush Parlor."  Interesting.

 Inside, we found the best little vintage shop I've ever seen.  (Plus, you can get your hair done in an old salon chair.)  Housewares, clothes, accessories, luggage, art, all crammed nicely and displayed adorably.  But what amazed me were the prices.  Sisil scored a mint tablecloth for only $12, and got a free silk scarf to boot.  A vintage boutique you can actually afford to shop at?  Twist my arm.

Next week I'm going back to LBV to snag more stuff.  Next post will be about Tony, a local musician whom I found wielding a chainsaw in the neighbor's driveway.  You'll never guess what he does with that thing.


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